Welcome to the deliciously amusing candy kingdom of CANDY BUSTERS to join the discovery saga journey together with lovely friends Pirate Bunny, Frenzy Mummy, King Werewolf, Frankenstein, Dracula to fight against Pumpkin King monsters who are scheming to invade the kingdom or protect candies from sweet-tooth mice.

What differentiate CANDY BUSTERS from a regular Match 3 game are its interesting extra game plays and levels. Players match 3 or more candies horizontally or vertically to collect them and create specially powerful sweets; however, the difference of CANDY BUSTERS comes from cute characters of pets which you can bring along upon levels. Choosing the right pets sometimes helps you get over extreme obstacles for a fraction of a second...


CANDY BUSTERS is the MOST exciting and adventurous Match 3 puzzle mania game on mobile. Don't miss out because it is TOTALLY FREE! Install CANDY BUSTERS and satisfy your sweet tooth now!.

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